Eurelectric’s Annual Power Summit is the leading forum where the power sector’s ecosystem connects, offering unique networking opportunities for European and international power sector executives as well as business stakeholders and partners alike.

The 2018 Summit in Ljubljana will focus on four distinct themes:

  • Changing times... changing mind-set
  • Shape your business
  • New frontiers of electrification
  • Engage the customer

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Monday 4 June 2018

Session I: Changing times... changing mind-set


The ecosystem of the power sector is changing exponentially. What actions do leaders of change think the sector should take to realise a sustainable energy future? What business models, organisational structures, technologies and mind-set should the power sector adopt to meet the future successfully? How will companies survive disruption?

Francesco Starace

Group Chief Executive of ENEL SpA and President of Eurelectric

Short Bio

Peter Gašperšič

Minister of Infrastructure, Republic of Slovenia

Short Bio

Daan Roosegaarde

CEO of Studio Roosegaarde

Chris Brauer

Director of Innovation in the Institute of Management Studies (IMS)

Short Bio

Jérôme Pécresse

President & CEO - GE Renewable Energy

Short Bio

Pekka Lundmark

Chief Executive of Fortum

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Session II: Shape your business


Session A – Digitalise it!

The use of digital platforms across the energy system will help deliver enhanced user experience and more resource-efficient industrial processes. What’s the value of an increased digitalisation across the value chain? How will it contribute to deliver customer engagement, industry integration and efficiency?

Stephen Woodhouse

Chief Digital Officer, Pöyry PLC

Short Bio

Christian Feißt

CEO of GreenCom Networks

Short Bio

Lowina Lundström

Senior Vice President at Ellevio

Short Bio

Javier Ormazabal Echevarria

President of Velatia

Short Bio

Christian Chudoba

CEO and co-founder of Lumenaza

Short Bio

Knud Pedersen

Vice President Ørsted

Short Bio

Val Miftakhov

Founder & CEO - eMotorWerks

Short Bio

Nikolaj Martyniuk

Co-Founder, Energy - WePower

Short Bio

Steven Martin

Vice President & Chief Digital Officer GE Power

Short Bio

Pat O’Doherty

Chief Executive of ESB

Session B – Flex the Future!

As society electrifies, distributed renewables and demand response will play a greater role in the accelerated clean energy transition. Flexibility and storage solutions thus become key pillars in the energy system. What key solutions must be found to satisfy the ever increasing flexibility needs of the system?

Matjaž Marovt

General Manager of HSE

Short Bio

Karl Heinz Gruber


Short Bio

Frauke Thies

Executive Director of smartEn

Short Bio

Jean-François Conil-Lacoste

CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of EPEX

Short Bio

Sander Van Ginkel

Managing Director of Accenture Strategy Utilities

Short Bio

Hasan Oezdem

Head of Technology Management Siemens Gamesa

Short Bio

Felix Dembski

Vice President Strategy of Sonnen

Christian Weeks

Vice President and General Manager of Flexibility Solutions for Enel X North America

Short Bio

Kerstin Pienisch

International Business Developer next-kraftwerke

Short Bio

Axel Wietfeld

Managing Director at Uniper Energy Storage GmbH

Session C – Embed Sustainability!

The switch to electricity brings immediate and tangible improvements for future cities, communities and rural areas. How can industries translate sustainable objectives into business goals? What sustainable urban solutions are energy companies developing? How do they generate an economic impact for the growth and durability of our business and society?

Laura Storm


Short Bio

Alistair Phillips-Davies

Chief Executive of SSE

Short Bio

Pekka Lundmark

Chief Executive of Fortum

Short Bio

Anssi Paalanen

VP, HorsePower at Fortum

Diego Pavia

CEO of KIC InnoEnergy

Short Bio

Sinus Lynge

Partner, MAA M.Arch,

Filip Grzegorczyk

CEO of TAURON Polska Energia S.A., PKEE Board Member

Short Bio

Felice Zaccheo

Head of Unit, Sustainable Energy and Climate Change - DEVCO - European Commission

Short Bio

Gregory Duconge

CEO of Vulog

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Tuesday 5 June 2018

Session III: New frontiers of electrification


Our sector’s commitment to carbon neutrality well before mid-century presents an invaluable opportunity to decarbonise other sectors of the economy. Adopting a cross-sectoral approach will add value to Europe’s efforts to achieve a cost-effective decarbonisation across the entire economy. What do other sector partners think of this opportunity? What state-of-the-art e-mobility solutions are out there? Which cross-sectoral business models can be implemented to deliver efficient electrification in key sectors such as transport and heat?

Kristian Ruby

Secretary General Eurelectric

Short Bio

Magnus Hall

President and CEO of Vattenfall and Vice President of Eurelectric

Short Bio

Francesco Venturini

Chairman & CEO of Enel X

Short Bio

Francisco Carranza

Managing Director Nissan Energy

Short Bio

Jannicke Hilland


Artur Runge-Metzger

Director DG Climate Action of the European Commission

Short Bio

Sandrine Dixson-Declève

Senior Advisor & Facilitator, Sustainability & Low Carbon Solutions

Short Bio

Dries Acke

Head of the Energy Union Programme at the European Climate Foundation

Short Bio

Fabricio Protti

Chief Coordination Officer of Bolloré Transport & Logistics

Short Bio

Greg Archer

Director of Innovation in the Institute of Management Studies (IMS)

Short Bio

Elias Pöyry

CBO and Co-Founder at Virta Ltd.

Short Bio

Marcel Galjee

Director Energy of AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals

Short Bio

Ralf Christian

CEO of Siemens Energy Management Division

Jesse Scott

Deputy Secretary General at Eurogas

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Session IV: Engage the customer


Transforming the European energy system will see accelerated use of renewable energy, digitalisation, demand side response and smart grid reinforcement. These will function as key platforms and enablers for customers, cities and communities to enhance their role in the energy transition. As the energy world becomes increasingly digitalised, what cutting edge retail products are being developed to engage consumers to reduce costs and improve their environmental footprint? How will energy companies of the future develop and enhance consumer relationships and experiences?

Christian Rynning-Tønnesen

President and CEO, Statkraft

Short Bio

Thorarinn Aevarsson

CEO of IKEA Iceland

Short Bio

Leonhard Birnbaum

Board of Management of E.ON SE.

Tom Rowlands-Rees

Lead analyst, Decentralized Energy - Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Short Bio

Leonhard Schitter

President of Oesterreichs Energie

Short Bio

Greg Jackson

CEO of Octopus Energy

Short Bio

Guy Champniss

Vice President, Insight & Outreach, Enervee

Short Bio

Katarina Hasbani Uherova

Founder of Enrupt

Short Bio

Aitor Moso Raigoso

Director of the Liberalised Business at the Iberdrola Group

Short Bio


President of Slovene Consumers' Association (Zveza Potrosnikov Slovenije) - ZPS

Short Bio

Bruce Douglas

Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO of SolarPower Europe