E-mobility CEZ
by CEZ Group

CEZ Group currently operates the largest pool of public charging points in the Czech Republic (in May 2018 it was almost 100 stations). The number of our charging stations is set to more than double by 2020. CEZ Group promotes e-mobility by leasing e-vehicles to state and municipal institutions, running two e-buses in Prague, participating in educational campaigns etc. CEZ also offers a wide range of services related to e-mobility to both company and individual customers.

CEZ Group currently (May 2018) operates 45 fast-charging stations and 54 regular stations across the Czech Republic. The charging stations are distributed along key highways and in cities. CEZ Group was successful in applying for finances from the European project „EV Fast Charging Backbone Network Central Europe“ from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program. Thanks to this program, CEZ will build another 100 charging stations, thus doubling the total number by the year 2020.

“Construction of fast-charging stations is an essential prerequisite for smooth and quick traveling between cities. The European grant under the CEF Transport facility allows us to build such stations at a much faster rate. It is an honor for us that ČEZ E-mobility is an established and trusted partner of the European Commission in this area, and we are ready to fulfill the project objectives. In addition, we have been expanding the charging network from our own resources while simultaneously also creating a portfolio of related services and products for companies, municipalities and regions.”
Kamil Čermák, Chief Executive Officer of ČEZ ESCO

Besides charging stations, CEZ Group offers a wide range of other services connected to e-mobility, for example: electrification of company fleets, platforms for charging including IT solutions, sales or lease of e-vehicles, charging wall-boxes and cables, building and operation of electric bus charging stations or creating e-mobility concepts for cities and regions. The company promotes spread of e-mobility by leasing e-vehicles to various institutions (e.g. the Post Office, universities, National Nature Parks etc.). One of the concepts that CEZ Group has also started is based on close cooperation with regions: Regional Councils or Town Halls identify social care organizations that would benefit from lower transport costs and CEZ provides the vehicles and the charging stations.

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